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In collaboration with Dr Prints & Co, myself and Lotte have designed and created a pack of nostalgic themed cards as an expansion pack to her original Manicure Roulette game. This pack of cards have been designed based around my best selling press on nails!


So if you love all things nostalgia but you're not sure on what nail art to create on yourself, on press ons or on a client in your salon, simply let the cards choose! 

Randomly pick your cards from the colour palette and art theme decks and see what you get! You could pull Groovy Chick, Mean Girls, Spongebob, a Tamagotchi... there's so many possibilities!

I can't wait to see what cards you draw and what designs you come up with! Click the button below to order on Dr Prints & Co site (as they manufacture every card by hand!) and be sure to tag me in your creations on social media so I can reshare your work!

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