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Chelsey is the industry's leading press on nail artist since 2013.
Selling over 50,000 sets of nails to customers all over the world, Nailed It! by Chelsey is the home of the cutest, luxury handmade press on nails you'll find!
Chelsey is now a fully qualified nail technician based in a y2k themed private studio in Lincoln, UK. Don't hesitate to book in to get the throwback nails of your dreams surrounded by blow-up chairs, lava lamps and the Burn Book!

Don't forget to check out the Decor & Merch section for all your nail artist supplies; from nail art brushes to wall decor, we've got the stuff to take your nail journey to the next level!

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I'm the Nail Tech behind Nailed It! I design and create every set with so much love and care!

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I package up all your orders in our bespoke boxes and run to the post office in all weathers to make sure everything is shipped efficiently!

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...I'm also the Web Designer and Illustrator behind Nailed It! Merch and the one who answers all your emails and DM's. The CEO and cleaner rolled into one. Let the all-nighters commence...

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