Hey guys!
Welcome to Nailed It! PRO.
This listing is for 1 x Illustration for me to become your merchandise designer! If you’ve always wanted to design t-shirts, aprons, cuticle oils or planners, but have no idea where to start, simply check out and send an email to hello@naileditbychelsey.com to communicate your ideas and vision and allow me to bring it to life!

Pricing includes total licensing to your artwork, my name will not be attached to the design and I do not take commissions from each resale of your products.

Please give as much detail as possible, the price includes 1 revision for us to make small adjustments to make your design perfect. Each further revision costs an additional £30. So make sure you’re super clear with your chosen colour palette, style of font, what illustrations you’d like (brush, polish, etc...)

Merchandise Designer